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Use your string lights for a little after-holiday twinkle

It’s hard not to feel a little down when the holiday season ends. Not only are all of the parties and presents behind us, but with the removal of the festive decorations, the world often seems just a bit darker. One of the best ways to keep a little twinkle this January is to leave up, repurpose, or even add white string lights to brighten your home. Yes, the age-old rule of taking down your holiday lights after the New Year is one for the history books.
Get outside sooner by brightening up your outdoor seating area and creating a beautiful ambiance by stringing lights in your trees and outdoor structures such as pergolas and awnings.

Brighten up the bedroom and add some romance by stringing lights across your ceiling, through a fabric canopy bed, or over the headboard.
Add lights to found objects to create an illuminated centerpiece. Add cheer to items such as, wine bottles, vases, lanterns, and jars—the lights give the illusion of fireflies

Light the corners of your family room or office by stringing up lights. You can add them across the edges of the ceiling or drape them from corner to corner.
Create custom chandeliers by dangling lights from objects such as branches, wagon wheels, antlers, existing light fixtures, or simply draping them across the room.
Dress up your plants. The holiday ornaments may be packed away, but you can show off your plants and potted trees with a string of lights.
Give Mother Nature a bit of help by lighting up doors and windows by stringing light “curtains” across them to add a little more ambient light through the remaining days of winter.


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